Monday, September 9, 2013

Children and Chores?!

Well this subject just causes utter chaos in my house when I bring it up. Okay okay a little back story.
          I grew up with a very strict structured for a better word stepmother who taught us at a very young age the importance of chores. No we didn't get allowance for them either. I was 5 when I started unloading the dishwasher and helping with setting the table and cleaning it up. I think that I was 10 when I did my first load of wash, and was folding like a pro by the age of 12. I swept, moped, vacuumed, dusted etc. etc... I of course like every child hated that I had to do said chores, but now as an adult I am so grateful to have the skills of running a household. These days kids have Nanny's, maids etc... (well I had a nanny too, a live in one to be truthful) but she never did our chores or laundry. So now that I have 3 children of my own Jordan (11), Alyssa (9), and Andrew (6) I am struggling with chores or any clean up for that matter. I had such respect for my parents and really was scared of them. My kids smirk at me when it comes to discipline. So now I'm on a mommy quest on the www to find a structured chore schedule and chart for the kiddies. So where did our moms turn without the internet? I couldn't image. I wish MaryAnn was here to guide me in the right direction but she's among the angles in heaven. I miss her dearly.
Until Then,