Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did I hear you say Coupon?

Couponing has become a hobby for me. I have been shopping the last two days and have saved my family of five $106.56 spending ONLY $37.58 and everything I bought I have a use for. I agree there are coupons distributed to make you buy things that you would never buy normally but you have to know your boundaries. Take time and look at all the ads and shop around dont just go to one store and buy everything there. Do your homework take you time and make lists. While your there check the clearance rack and buy your air fresheners there and household items before you make your way down that isle!!! Here are my items for Monday & Tuesday:
Walgreens was my First Stop/ (I did two trips)
Airwick Starter Kit on clearance for $4.29 MF coupon $4 final price .29
Listerine Mouth Wash 16.9oz 50% off in stores now MF coupon $1.00 final price $1.89ea (bought 4)
Tide 2x w/bleach on clearance $3.14 MF coupon .50 off final price $2.64
Dove Bar Soap $1.99 in store coupon final price .99 (limit 3) x2 trips
Arm & Hammer A/P $3.49 in store coupon final price $.99
Glade Candles on clerance $1.19 MF coupon buy 2/1.00off final price 1.19 for 2 (bought 4 w/2 coupons)
Glade oil holder starter kit on clearance $2.79 MF coupon $2.00 off final price .79
Cottonelle 12 double roll always $5.00 MF coupon .50/ in store book coupon 1.00 off final price $4.50
Axe Shampoo 15oz BOGO MF coupon 3.00off 2 final price $3.49 for 2

(I bought a lot of food too but too much to type right now will post another when final tally is done) also my Target Trip, So my total savings that I mentioned before are also combined with items that are not listed.

Happy Shopping! Also a big thanks to my dear friend Hilda for motivating me to get my binder done and organized to shop with so much more ease!

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