Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well it's been a trying, exciting, fun & exhausting two weeks. The kids went back to school. Now I have two school age children Jordan is in 3rd grade, Alyssa is in 2nd grade & AJ is in Pre-School (VPK). Today was the first time we had AJ do the extended two hour program after his instructional 3 hours, he asked us yesterday after we picked him up if he could take a "rest" at school after his lunch. So I made a dash to walmart after work last night while I was there I picked up the nap mat that looks so uncomfortable (I will be searching the www for a new one), this morning packed his Rays pillow pet, Bucs blanket and off he went without one tear in his eye. Almost skipping out the door with excitement!

love how he is not on the mat all the way,
also the pillow pet was down by his feet. ha