Friday, August 19, 2011

Something So Basic Should Not Be So Hard

Food. Yes food. I've been struggling with my addiction to horrible food. I was not a small child when I was younger but when I hit middle school I got in shape by swimming over a summer and kept the weight off through high school with a lot of hard work, I worked out every day sometimes twice a day. THEN...I had a child and it was a up and down battle that I've been struggling with ever since. (I have 3 children) I hate, Hate, hate my body. I have to get a hold of it before it breaks me down. I was just in the hospital a week ago and I know that if I take better care of myself then my health may just get better. My heart is the issue, it was the way I was born what is wrong is not something that I can control, but maybe just maybe I can make it a little better for it.
I'm not sure where to start since I am always on the go. I'm working a horrible shift that makes eatting get late I mean LATE! So there is no dinner bell at 6pm like most "diets" say to do. So what, what do I do? I'm going to call my go to person on this question my sister in law who is married to my awesome brother who happens to be a chef with two very sucessful restaurants and a great cookbook that is not for the faint of heart! I will call you sis! If you happen to read this before I get to you shoot me a email full of ideas that dont break the wallet! :) Or if someone out there in cyber space is listening please give me a starting point.
Until then XoXo...

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  1. I feel for you. Having kids is SO hard on your body. I also have three kids, and I feel like the third has really been a struggle to get it all off. I don't have any great advice for you, I guess just keep going. Keep being a good mom, be a good person, and things should hopefully balance out--or at least that is what I am striving for. :)

    Thanks for sharing this at Show & Share. I really appreciate it.