Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Boys & Their Toys

My oldest was a young sprout when we introduced him to his first gaming device.  It was an immediate obsession upon that first viewing. Now that I have two sons, this gaming has taken over my life. My youngest first words when he wakes are "mommy I play games?". If I happen to say no he throws a full-blown tantrum. Now let me tell you, you can put him on any device and he will throw down with the teens, adults and all. Most of the time if not all of the time he will beat you at every game possible. Do I have a gamer on my hands or just a boy with his toy? I really thought that this was a stage but nope the days pass with all day gaming (please save me the lecture on how bad it is for my child to be playing games at such a tender age). I'm just glad he is occupied when I need to get things done. Other times we outside swimming, on his powerwheels or at the park down the road. Am I a horrible mother to be letting my kid(s) play games for more than the recomended hour a day?