Monday, March 7, 2011


OK, so today I might have to tackle some household chores.
I am becoming such a hoarder (no not TLC sort, but I feel I need to keep everything my kids make.
I also need to decide that maybe that shirt I have had for 8 years needs to be given to goodwill.
No matter what I do and how much I clean, I feel my place is always cluttered.
I have mail & magazines that never get read.
I'm behind on our laundry times 5 (not a pretty site). I need to finish Alyssa's Bug project, so much to do and no energy to do it. I did tackle the g-store today picked up some crab meat, shrimp and other sea food delights for my dinner tonight. I'm going to eat better and I think that will make me feel better in the long run. Well I'm off to Target to go get some case's to organize my nail polish (more on that later).

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